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PO box 489
Big Sur, CA 93920
United States

(831) 667-2766

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About us

Sveglio:   I awaken (Italian)

Growing up in the wild and eclectic Big Sur community, creative self-expression is our way of life. We are truly grateful to the musicians, sculptors, dancers, storytellers, healers and visionary philosophers who wove the fabric of our formative years, and continue to define the Big Sur tribe.  

Here as a family, we have a tradition of building things ourselves. When that spark of inspiration and subsequent wide-eyed smile strikes,  it isn't long before the hanging bed,  single-pole tree house,  or rocking hammock begins to manifest.  The greatest joy is realized when the creation is shared with the tribe and with the greater human family.   We thrive in the pursuit of this transcendent experience. 

The Volo and Vibro collection is fabricated here in Big Sur with components that we source domestically. We are passionate about local manufacturing both as a means to employ local craftsmen and also to minimize environmental byproducts caused by international shipping.  Our 'tensegrity' frames could not be realized without computer-driven manufacturing processes, including 5-axis water jet cutting, 3D tube bending and 3D printed stainless steel, but it is the artful mastery of our welders that one appreciates upon closer inspection. 

As we venture from our home into the world, we share an intention to awaken creativity and inspire creative living.  As brothers, we enjoy teaching an introductory course in computer-aided design and 3D printing to children at the Big Sur charter school. The contagious enthusiasm and inventiveness of these young minds is an inspiration. Our mission with Sveglio is to share this creative experience with as many fertile minds as possible, of any age. We pledge  10% of our profit to fund community-based events and classes that awaken the creative!


Jules henry

Trained as a mechanical engineer at Carnegie Mellon, I began my professional journey with Toyota of North America. After two years of improving transmission assembly and robotic welding processes, I felt strongly called to realign with my passion for design.  From that insight, I enrolled in the Industrial Design Engineering department at the Royal College of Art in London. This multidisciplinary course attracted 31 students from 16 countries, which fostered a collaborative global design experience.  Returning back to my home state of California, I began work as a product design engineer in the then budding Apple iPad department. The first iPad had recently launched and we were all-hands-on-deck to swiftly redesign the whole iPad in a fully machined, unibody enclosure. Though it was a pleasure to work with such a talented and passionate team, after two and half years, the drum beat in my heart was again getting louder. The call was to return to working and designing with my hands. I took a sabbatical and returned to my home in Big Sur. Thus began the most deeply rewarding and transformative period of my life. An inner flood of ideas and geometries has been released and I am surfing the waves. It was a dear friend and neighbor who enjoyed my enthusiasm and taught me the basics of arc welding, and the furniture you see here emerges from these explorations. 


Jason HenrY

I was born in Big Sur from two artists who taught me by example to value artistic freedom of expression above all else. My formal creative journey began at the Art Center College of Design as a film student minoring in industrial design. That time helped shape how I approach furniture. I tend to think in terms of how a piece could fit into a set design, often in a sci-fi world. Hands on learning instead of academia has also shaped how I approach furniture design. Launching Sveglio has given me the opportunity to dive in deep to the new world of CAD driven 3D manufacturing technology. It has also leveraged many of the lessons learned from past projects like creating an electric bicycle, a kit car, home remodels, mass market shoes, retail displays, a mens clothing line, backpacks, and RC prototypes for the nautical sector. I'm sure my approach to furniture design will continue to morph as new tools for creating and manufacturing open doors to never before imagined possibilities. It's an exciting time to be part of the new movement of US furniture design companies leveraging CAD driven technologies to lead the way into a more independent, sustainable future.   



Thanks to the lovely and talented Michelle Magdalena Maddox